About Symco Group

What We Do

Symco Group is a Georgia based solution provider to the print production, mail insertion, credit card issuance and financial item processing markets.

Symco Group offers new and refurbished hardware, software, parts, and supplies to its clients from its service locations across the United States, along with industry leading independent third party maintenance services. Our range of expertise is unmatched, and we pride ourselves on offering a full suite of independent services that address the complete technology lifecycle to provide value based tailored solutions and services.

Symco Group knows that clients want options and we have partnered with some of the leading OEM's in the business in order to provide new solutions.

Our solutions cover all your needs, Symco Group provides new and remanufactured mail inserters, folders, tabletop mailing equipment, tabbers, addressing equipment, ink jet systems, conveyors, card issuance equipment, production printers, pre- and post- equipment, cutters, intelligent mailing solutions, customized mail solutions, material handling equipment, supplies, and more.

For over 30 years, Symco Group has measured success based on our clients satisfaction with the products we provide and the services we deliver. We are consistently striving to do more for our clients than just deliver technology solutions; our goal is to be a key partner in the growth and success of our clients.

We take great pride in our ability to solve our clients most complex technical challenges and in our unbending commitment to delivering unequaled service in the industry.

Since 1982, Symco Group has been a leader in the third party service market for the financial, mail, and print industries. We provide new and refurbished solutions for companies of every size, including large government organizations, corporations, financial institutions ranging from Top 100 to local independents, and commercial businesses across the US. Service has been the foundation of our company.

In 1982, Symco Group began by brokering used Burroughs equipment to include terminals, printers, mainframes, and associated components. In 1985, one of Symco Group’s clients, upset with paying high OEM maintenance rates asked Symco to provide maintenance. From that point forward, Symco Group has supported hundreds of clients across the United States.

Two of the top five largest financial institutions, the largest shopping network, top five media provider, the largest independent remittance organization, and one of the largest tax collection agencies in the US have or do rely on Symco Group to provide ongoing support of their operations. Two of the largest independent financial software organizations are key partners of Symco Group to provide support services for their clients.

  • More than a 30 year track record providing superior customer service
  • Total Solution Provider. Maintenance, Sales (New and Refurbished), Supplies, Installations, Storage, and Parts
  • A single point of contact for all service calls
  • Centralized Support for calls, dispatch, logistics, tracking, reporting, and billing
  • Customized Service Level Agreements (SLA's)
  • Individualized Preventative Maintenance Plans that work with your schedule and workloads
  • Spare parts stocked on-site with a managed parts delivery to ensure uptime guarantees
  • Flexible on-site coverage from 7x24 dedicated onsite through next business day response and depot level support
  • Automatic call escalation and call tracking
  • Nationwide technical support coverage