Maintenance Support Services

Symco Group specializes in providing mission critical maintenance services for clients around the across the United States in the print, mail, and financial marketplace vertical. Our clients receive superior service while realizing discounts off the manufacturers' rates ranging from 30% to 50%.

Just as your business is unique, we specialize in adapting our agreements to meet each clients unique business needs. Our clients range from twenty-four hour seven days per week on-site dedicated coverage to next business day response. Our service plans are designed to increase your performance, save money, improve customer service, and preserve your investment in your company’s infrastructure. No matter what the coverage requirement, each agreement is backed with clearly defined expectations, service level agreements (SLA’s), and critical feedback meetings. All backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our maintenance support business is built on two pillars, the first is people and the second is parts. Without either, maintenance delivery will suffer. Symco Group only hires technical engineers who are experienced in electro-mechanical maintenance from the start. We do not hire and train engineers who do not have an extensive background in our industry. This ensure that issues that arise are not new and they can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

All of our field engineers are factory trained with an extensive background in electro-mechanical repairs. They receive ongoing training for new support offerings on a continuous basis while being supported by product specialist. Newly employed technicians, who all have an existing background in our verticals, are trained by senior level technicians to ensure they understand our clients expectations and the responsibility of delivering on that commitment which we like to call "The Symco Way".

The second pillar is parts. We do not believe parts should be kept at central locations and sent only when needed. We believe that parts should be located where the equipment is being supported. This simple logic ensures that we almost eliminate the delay in service because a part is not available quickly. Parts are restocked out of our parts depot on a weekly basis with expedited emergency parts being shipped via Delta Dash for delivery within hours not days.

The biggest question that arises is the fear of transitioning from OEM support to Symco Group support. Clients will hear that they "can't" leave or they will receive a lesser level of support because of special tools, etc. These scare tactics have been proven false over the years and are backed by hundreds of satisfied Symco Group clients. Experience has taught us that utilizing a customized transition plan for each clients needs and challenges ensure nothing is forgotten or left behind and the lines of communication between the client and Symco Group are open.

To ensure we exceed our clients expectations, we have developed and maintain a third level of support through a network of strategic alliances across our product service offerings. These alliances ensure an additional level of protection for our clients by ensuring we bring the “best of breed” to each of our clients.

Today’s computing environment is different than years past. You need a flexible partner who provides a single point of accountability for all your maintenance and support requirements while saving money.

One Source For Your Entire Operation

Years ago, companies purchased IT solutions from one manufacturer, however those days are rare. Technology is inter-connected and open solutions allow companies to purchase the solutions that fix their business pains. While great for one issue, this opens up a support nightmare. Instead of one service provider, often times there are multiple OEM service techs and contracts to manage. Over the years, each time a new manufacturer is introduced most likely a new maintenance agreement is added. Very quickly, this process becomes impossible to manage.

That is a thing of the past with Symco Group. We are not limited to one manufacturers systems or software. We have the ability to support multi-manufacturers products across print, pre- and post- systems, sorting systems, mail, and financial. Instead of the clutter of multiple vendors pointing fingers of interconnected systems, now you have a single source to clean the clutter. Experienced Symco Group technicians who are consistently cross trained use state-of-the-art tools and support to guarantee quick and competent solutions to all your computing issues.